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Grand Theft Auto V for XBox One will be released in autumn 2014. Its possible to pre-order it and receive it immediately when it is released.


GTA V – Facts about the main characters and new features revealed
Houser and Gaburt told in their interview that the names of the three main characters in GTA V will be Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael was a bank robber who did a deal with the FBI and is now in witness protection. When his money runs out he is forced to get back to his old life. Trevor on the other hand is a junkie who did work with Michael in the past but wants to do his own thing now. Franklin is the youngest of the three characters.


He is a trickster and works for an Armenian who sells luxury cars to people who can’t afford them.
During the game the player can experience all three characters, but to get a special dynamic the guys will be able to move on their own while not played by the user. So it may happen that you stop with Trevor at the harbor, switch to Michael for a while and when you go back to Trevor you’ll find him in a bar. Also each of the characters will have own abilities so it won’t be possible to train them like in GTA San Andreas.

As Houser told to “Game Informer” the world of GTA V will be bigger than in Red Dead Redemption, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV together. Even the bottom of the ocean can be completely explored by the player if he wishes to. To be able to move more fluently through the world Rockstar developed a new game engine which allows better grip of the cars while driving and a quicker and preciser aiming during battles. Also there will be missions where two or all three of the main characters must work together to complete different objectives. During those mission can the player switch between the characters and try different ways to achieve certain goals. More here

To reduce the time of waiting for the release of GTA V in spring 2013, Rockstar promised to upload a new trailer with a few new game features at November 14th.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox Trailer 2:

GTA V Xbox Trailer 1:

Welcome to the trailer of GTA V Xbox. It is the 12th game of the so-called serie, a product of Rockstar Games for various platforms, but see this comparison a little bit later. Sorry at this “fact” but you can only look up the game in a previewed modus, because it will be finished until now.

This is also the reason, why only a trailer is available. The game designers focused their mapower first of all on the city and then on the characters. The screenplay will enclose more than 1,000 sides. How important this game is for Rockstar Games it can be seen by one fact: CEO Dan Houser would work as a co-author.

The game should play in America. They celebrate this new version also as an innovative tool for entertainment. A publication was not started yet in 2012, because, otherwise Rockstar announces at the same time another classical product.

However the number „2405“ often appears. „2405“ is therefore the object of many speculations, which is illustrated therefore in the following scene: In the trailer it can be read: The transporter in an intersequence has below on the right a stroke which allows to announce „We aim not to lose it“. After the transporter goes by a man puts up a sign, which shows „For Sale“.

Buy GTA V for Xbox One

Amazon offers a preorder for Grand Theft Auto V Xbox One. So you can be sure to get the game at the release date.

In the GameStop-on-line shop the game can already now be reserved. Up to now GTA V only for the XBOX One and the PlayStation 4 GTA V can be reserved. It is also very likely that GTA V Xbox will eventually be launched on PC not too long after the consoles. Rockstar Games learned from mistakes made with the release of version IV. A portable version is also possible. It seems likely that a smaller portable GTA V will also become available. Devices of apple, and other producers could see a new GTA V up to a year after the main game releases.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox One Benefits

The platform change on the more efficient consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 3 the model of the gameworld is more detailed and the optical effects are more luxurious. Thus the surroundings are reflected, for example, on water surfaces. The “Euphoria”, which is used by the engine, calculates the motion sequences of the people in realtime.

For the Xbox One two episodes are added: It is titled “Grand Theft car: Episodes from Liberty city” were summarised. In the first episode “The Lost and Damned” the player takes over the role of the acting leader of a biker’s gang.

The second episode “The Ballad of Gay Tony” acts for the bodyguard of the night club Mogul Gay Tony. Computer games – and thus also GTA V Xbox – are installed on the PC on the hard disk. This means that the program data are accessible to the users and are changeable with it.  More here:

The first fans have therefore provided so-called Mods, Although the “Modder” received active support by the developers, the editors who allowed, for example, the replacement of vehicles were programmed by fans. Finally, after the publication of the „Hot Coffee“-Mods the communication with the “Modders” was completely stopped by the developers.

That happens when fans are waiting for a great game

Great work from a youtuber who „transfered“ the original Grand Theft Auto V Trailer into the gameplay of Battlefield III. This seems to be really hard work 🙂